1. A Dog's Day
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This is just another of my sometimes rather abstract musings. A Dog’s Life is a cheeky reference to the task’s that we are expected to perform on a daily basis. Although dull and hum-drum for the most part they have to be done. However, at the end of the day, we can sit back and hopefully find at least a few minutes of enjoyment and pleasure in our favorite activity; whatever that might be ; and wander off to some peaceful space in preparation to…… do it again the next day?

The ultimate goal of our repetitive performance being the expectation of the somewhat elusive and ever diminishing fair wage. We are…. The Hunting Dogs…. uh… as referenced in the lyrics of course. This in turn requires that the proverbial “master” to be “need”. Starting to sound like Maslow’s hierarchy?

At any rate, I like to take a somewhat cynical and often satirical view of things and if A Dog’s Day provides a bit of escape, then this is a good thing and hopefully a bit of amusement comes along with.

Noah Ohne


Like the dogs resting at my feet
As if there’s nothing left
Another day is done

And in the chilled evening night
The wind is cold behind the walls
Of the place they found a home

Another master’s day, subservient runs
Fetch the rabbit, bring it home
For the evening stew

Was it not for the hunting dogs on the run
The chase is lost
As well the cause for me and you

The evening fires stand in wait
Catch of the day
On sizzling fat over burning log

One brown rabbit a white duck
Bottle of wine
Two seats round ember like fireflies

We told tales of old,
When men of bold
And the night sky was their only guide

Then held alliances if they lived
But spoke in whispers
Through the chants of the evening

And though it all felt so real
The mysteries, the wonder
Amazement over what we’d seen

Reflection breaks, the dog howls
Returning from the places
That we’ve never been

But if this is all just fantasy
Then this is just a song, to amuse you
But I won’t tell

Cause in the end
It’s just me and you in this room
And the mystery

Should help us through the evening

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.