Noah as art

John (aka Noah Ohne) hails from the Midwest. A native Chicagoan, with a vast background in musical styles and approaches, refuses to be ‘bagged and tagged’ as it were. His musical efforts touch on a variety of styles which are assimilated into something interestingly different.  

John plays guitars, bass, keyboards and a number of other sundry instruments that contribute to his sound.  

John began studying music at the ripe old age of 8 and it’s been a passion ever since. Beginning with piano instruction he continued on for 5 years until his quest lead him to the 6 string electric guitar which due to his piano training and knowledge of music, he taught himself to play. Through the years, his desire for more interesting sound textures caused him to experiment with other musical instruments, effects, and then later a wide variety of synthesizers. As a result, John has become a rather proficient as a synth programmer/sound designer.  

Timbre's - the ability to dictate mood

John has always believed that sound has the ability to affect mood. Have you ever heard a sound (not a song) that made you feel a particular way, or set a particular mood? There is "power" in the sound that we hear and in the timbre's used to create the feeling you are attempting to project. Timbre can and will directly affect the mood of individuals.

Sound designer
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