John has an extensive technical background. Spending almost 30 years in Information Technology working in primarily IBM mainframe environments with an occasional dabble in Honeywell and some insignificant others.

As is often the case with technical pursuits, some of this time was spent practicing the witchery of binary and searching through hexadecimal (base 16) and octal (base 8) core dumps looking for issues. He has since opted for a simpler existence and the gratifications of composer. His primary tools today are staff and dots and it's infinitely more gratifying.

John holds an M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) and an M.I.S.M. (Master of Information Services Management). In addition, John has been a builder of micro computers for music and gaming applications for the past two decades.

His micro-computer background has been beneficial in determining the requirements for his own musical needs. Being a veteran of M.I.D.I. and it's applications both in recording music and the control of devices, John has been able to create a studio environment where the music creation process is totally personal.

The intent here however, is not to replace a band, but to develop material and then find the band. Rather than grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns.... John has opted to grab the horns by the bull by solving the biggest problem first.... material to play with coherence and a consistent style. Many bands struggle due to a lack of coherence in concept and/or direction. That won't be the case with the material of Noah Ohne.

It has been a lifetime pursuit to totally produce music without compromise. Utilizing his extensive computer background and knowledge of musical equipment and M.I.D.I., John built a system that provides not only the flexibility to create in any genre required for the task at hand, but also lends itself to adding an infinite variety of personalities to each track and still "keep it human".  

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