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This song is quite simply about a guitarist that cares little about anything other than his instrument and music.

Noah Ohne


I’m playing this blue song
In a different way
On my same old guitar
That I play most every day

But there’s no talk about mama
No dissertations on luck
It’s not about your religion friend
And I don’t care who you fuck

I won’t bore you with the same old things
Cause that’s what you might expect
Although you may think bad of me
I don’t care if you don’t like what I said

You’re just in my audience of life
And that changes every night
If I see you in tomorrow’s show
You might see me under different light

………….Back to my story,…………..

So if you think it’s all about you
Then there’s always time to think again
The world turns without you
On and on an everlasting spin

And if you’ve got no contracts for me
That might speed my financial gain
I don’t care for whatever you bring
It’s only brought about by pain

I’m not in much for hurting
But if I need to I can dole it out quick
From behind my six string
Rapid fire and another hot lick

It’s all about my machine
Steel strings over polished wood
Driven by my emotions
Living life through living wood

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.