John works primarily with guitars (his main instrument now-a-days) and keyboards. However, not everything that you hear in the recordings that's not obviously guitar, is a keyboard. John uses a Roland VG99 (now discontinued but never obsolete) to achieve many synth like and modeled sounds (eg. sitar, banjo, mandolin, etc.) that might not be otherwise possible under normal situations. However, the source instrument is really played and not artificial.

John's current arsenal of piano's, organs and synth's include some well known vintage piano models like Wurlitzer & Fender, organs such as Vox, Farfisa & Hammond as well as Moog, Arp, Oberheim, Korg, Sequential Circuits and other models.

In addition to all of the electronic stuff, John also uses acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, maybe an occasional dulcimer, mandolin or other stringed things.

On the matter of drums and percussion.... those are always written, never played. Instructional drum video's can be of great benefit to those of us not motivated to "take to the stick". However, an open offer, if you are a drummer/percussionist in the Desert Southwest, feel spunky and want to do this kinda thing.... use the CONTACT  section and let us know.... lol (just kidding!)

John is also an active member of the U.S. Copyright Office, ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and SoundExchange where all of his material is registered. John also created Noah Ohne Music  (an ASCAP registered publishing company) for the sole purpose of self publishing. John does not accept that the powers at be, should gain from his intellectual property.

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