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In The Time You Spent With Me is an introspective view of the world that we are forced to live in, rather than the one that God meant for us all. As an individual voice, we strive for the protection of those closest to us.

Conventional religion tells us one thing (turn the other cheek), logic tells a different story (keep your enemy contained), and more often than not, our sense of morality tells attempts something totally different (love thy neighbor regardless of what they might do).

Tempering the three requires a force greater than that of the extremes of three combined, yet controlled enough to be beyond reproach, corruption or fault. I am not you; conversely, you are not me, but neither of us contains the total key. I submit the proposition that the force that this tempering requires, exist within man yet, however not the same for each of us.

There is One Way, but many paths. Our individual walk around the proverbial egg may take us in drastically divergent routes, but that does not make your path more or less right than mine.

Morality sets boundaries, not a blind belief that every intent; is good. Or in acceptance that every group is faithful to life and free will as God gave us. Evil also has claimed a place here; it should have been replaced at every bend with the will of God……

But it may be too late!

Noah Ohne


In the time that you spent with me
You learned nothing
In this world there’s one truth you need
It’s up to you not me

Every man’s has a path to take
Through the life they live
Yours ain’t the same as mine
Don’t try to live like me

You’ve got to find your key
It’s unique to you in every way
There’s no answer man that can be found
To solve the problem
They just tell you how to make it through

There’s only one way for you
Keep searching till you find some truth
You’re never gonna be alone
He’s always there for you and standing strong

Lord I often feel the pain
Of our sons and daughters
Struggling hard to make the grade
In this world they live in

New world, new order on the rise
Too late to slow their pace
I know it won’t be long
Till they’re coming for the rat race

Bring me peace till the morning light
Let me survive your battle cry
Children playing in the fields, splash puddles in the red rain
You know it’s no surprise, if you read the book with open eyes

It’s all written down for you
Just follow and don’t color truth
That time is coming soon, get yourself together
One last hello/goodbye then we marching to forever

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.