Modus Vivendi

About the video

This is an experiment and the first of a few that I have planned. Unlike some today, I didn't want to do a video of me playing my guitars, keyboards and squeezing out a vocal. Although it's done, it's not particularly a practice I care to take part in mainly because the content generally doesn't say much other than "look at me".

For me, I've always felt that if I were going to exert the effort to make a video, I wanted to put some thought and effort so that it also made a significantly meaningful statement. I want to evoke emotion through imagery.

The audience, can "look at me" when I play it live with a band and hopefully enjoy that more. At this point I'd rather attempt to talk about things that need to be said, and hopefully build Noah Ohne into something associated with eclectic music and thought provoking video.

However, the goal is not to be a star but to produce and play good music that reflects me. However, if you choose to buy it then that's great also... lol!

Being my first video it admittedly leans a little bit into the abstract, and it does represent a 'connect the dots' type of mentality which opens a Pandora's Box of directions it could take. However, much like many of my lyrics (which are highly subject to interpretation), there really is a point that an open your mind might grasp a bit easier. The video is an attempt at depicting the lyrical content without offending anyone, any group or any office in particular. However, if offense is found it's the fault of the finder and not necessarily my intent.

Many feel that this country/the world, is in flux without end. Consider if you will, Modus Vivendi a multifaceted commentary on the outrage associated the actions of the powerful and a cheeky references the effects of agreements, stated, implied or perceived and their potential outcome. 

Explicit Lyric Warning : There's a little cussin' in this one, so before pressing the play button, the under-agers might want to leave the room..... lolol! 



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