1. Slave
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Being one of somewhat diverse ethnic origin, I have a tendency to view things from a decidedly “different” perspective than others in my peer group.

This song has been a few years in the making. Although not complicated, it is a theme that took some time to consider the various aspects from which it could be approached. In my search to find words to describe the impetus that would have driven one man to want to enslave another, I was at a loss. So the beginning of this track remains instrumental however is intended to represent the motivation to undertake a long sea voyage to places unknown, in order to capture and enslave other humans.

Being the dreamer that I sometimes am, I decided to turn the tables a bit.

The major character of this story is an individual that was taken aboard ship and securely chained; as the story typically goes and destined to be committed to a life of servitude like the many others before. Only this time, they captured the wrong Ohne. It is sometimes interesting how things can change at the flip of a coin.

This Ohne, was enlightened. A deliverer from some “distant” place; learned in the arts of stealth, power, deception and speed; he was set on a mission to change the tides of time, by whatever means deemed possible and necessary. Sound familiar?

Having learned through his enlightenment that the most efficient method of neutralizing any threat, is from the inside; the mission begins. Assisted, cloaked and hidden by the arrogance of his captors; who believe it is their destiny to subjugate everyone to their will, it is his destiny to move unobstructed in the shadows of their lives and obtain true infiltration, on behalf of the downtrodden.

To the enslaver; religious, government or radical…..

Noah Ohne


Criminal entry before break of dawn
In preoccupation of the day
Overwhelming forces without right
In wooden ships they came to take us all away

There will be no place of returning
No water trails left to be shown
Cast as diaspora, lost to time
By demon-child without heart or God (gods)

One hundred and twenty days over sea we crossed
Till the siren sang no more
Chained sound in madness I heard the voice
A distant call from an unknown shore; and it said…..

You will be the one, against legions
I’ve a mission to lead your way
You are the tarnished sword of freedom
The black knight that lights the day

Concealed and cloaked, dark in mystery
And leaving all the world alone
I took the sword, and soon the world
They never said was stolen for their own

But now I must speak in silence
With meanings that stands clear
Cause there was way to make contact
Without making it known I’m here

But the tactic, doesn’t allow that
Stealth, power, deception, and speed without care
If overwhelmed by unseen force
I would surely disappear

Brought by the scourge, the brink of humanity
The unholy presence that’s brought us near
Without change it all would end
And I know that’s why I’m here

Like a wraith concealed by the darkness
Of their hearts and lives they live
I’ll creep into their unseen existence
And exercise my change from within

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.