This song is about need, curiosity and maturing.

Noah Ohne


When you stole that money girl
Didn’t something tell you, you might be wrong
And when you drop it for the boy’s
Do you think of the consequences you might bring home

This ain’t no joke or game
It’s not made for liars, idiots and fools
Stop serving up your ass, use your brain
Before your deviant behavior’s grown too strong

No doubt, your deviant behavior
Will bring you to an end
And you think your deviant behavior
Is what helped you find… friends?

I know that’s not how you see yourself
Crew slut on another bus of life
Goodtime, paid, pass around girl
It’s not your destiny, that’s a crime

You’re not even twenty-one
And your mileage has run way past your time
Sick minds, salty grinds and trucker stops
For another smoke and another white line

Hey girl, your deviant behavior
Is gonna bring you to an end
Without that strange behavior baby
You’ll find a different kind of friend

As you struggle against yourself
Those around you surely pay the price
Their lost time, peace of mind and another day of life
It’s all they can do cause of you and survive

And you say you got it all solved
And all your plans are tailor made to fit your life
But life’s a foundation is on shifting sand
And bound to change, when you least expect, at a bad time

Without doubt your deviant behavior
Will bring you to an end
Because of your deviant behavior
Now you just can’t find a friend

When your youth fails reflection starts
You begin to see what everyone meant way back when
Reason and logic escaped you
And all the answers were in that bag in your hand

Too late, your piece of cake’s been served (you ate)
So now you only get what you can
And the doors you closed, the bridges burned
Will never open to you again

Without doubt your deviant behavior
Has brought you to this end
Because of your deviant behavior
You just might be a

Street Walker

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music