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I’m a big fan of science fiction, and the other day I was watching the classic “The Time Machine”. As the movie progressed, I started thinking (and more often than not my wife says this is a bad thing); but anyhow, I started thinking that government and religion are much like the Moorlocks. The blood thirsty and power hungry that themselves lack self-control; but need to impose it on everyone else.

And then to my dismay, the realization occurred that “we the people” must then be the Eloy.

Think about it! 

And now, on to Constantine. The Bible, as we (in general) know it, is the product of Constantine and his “council”. Firstly, due to the circumstances, which I interpreted was a deposed emperor that “by any means possible” wanted his control back; the seat of power, of godliness (note the lower case “g”), and, not that of a man inspired to follow a God that opposed the power of the seat of Rome. And that BS about his revelation of a cross in the sky, was another painted flaw in history. The nature of man has not changed regardless of the man.

As all governments desire even to this day, control of the population was key to his success. However, by that time the people believed in one God. In order to put the godliness back in the seat of Rome, Constantine convened a group of so called “religious leaders” to assemble books that THEY thought accurately depicted the origins and hierarchy of man (from a purely Roman perspective of course). Do you think this was done without the bias of a political figure? Look at the one’s we have today for an example. Government is still government. And since the U.S. government was patterned after old Rome you should know where this is going by now.

The Bible as we know it was assembled as a control document…. nothing more. It is incomplete (errors of Constantine’s council). The parts were omitted that put man on a one to one relationship with God. The proof is in the references in the Bible to Biblical books that do not exist in the popularly formatted book. Instances such as The Book Of Jashur, or references to Enoch but never any detail about who Enoch is except for the genealogical reference. Or the inconsistencies between the description of Jesus in the biblical text and the fake ass blond haired blue eyes idols that you find in most churches. Jesus, if you believe was a Nazarene, a Jew, and in that time they were neither blond haired or blue eyed. I doubt that GOD would have inspired an incomplete document, so man must be responsible for any omission, inconsistencies, and errors in translation and/or corruptions of meaning.

Today, if the government attempted to suppress literature of any kind (as is still being done) what would be your reaction? Outrage? A general pissed offness? Would you rebel? Save the sacred documents so valued by YOUR tradition?

My supposition is that Constantine, regardless of how our lying history painted him, was a criminal; a terrorist of the highest order, a suppressor of knowledge and an oppressor of people.

Sounds like criminal activity to me!

Noah Ohne


Since Emperor Constantine
And his cronies at Niceya
Information has been cloaked
Hidden well so none can view

A literary blitz
Not at all like history told you
Nothing has been revealed
For many answers we must dig

Stealth; finding seeking proof
What they don’t know won’t hurt you
Obstacles are few to none
When you proceed like them

Don’t believe in anyone
DIG out that ancient cancer
The only guide you have
No smoke, snake-oil or mirrors

No faith council’s like Niceya
Those Pagan’s tied and tightened loop
Or in the holiness of Pope’s
On yet another bloody noose

Now call me heretic
Or heathen if you will
It doesn’t matter much
We all live in the same hell

Pick the leader of your choice
I won’t be in your line
On the surface can’t be found
The substance of their lie

Though it’s not canonized
That designation’s feeble
Old Roman tool of trade
Crushed non-government believers

The error of Constantine
Was made in all his haste
Burn the books that changed the tale
But didn’t remove the base

Just one more repetition; history
One more instant edit; replay
When will we never learn?
Will there ever be a new day?

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.