1. Starbound
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This song was written back in the winter of 2015. On one chilly late evening (yeah it really does get a little chilly even in the desert) I walked outside to have a smoke and had the strange feeling of being watched. I looked up, over my left shoulder, the Orion constellation was right there, almost as if I could reach up and touch it..

Now I'm not a stargazer by any means and have only a rudimentary knowledge of constellations, but I noticed as the evening progressed, Orion slowly moved around the southern sky and by 2am, was on my right.

It seemed to me that this was the long way around the night sky. Then I started thinking that this is much like people. We often take the longer path to an end.

Noah Ohne


On this cold, winter’s starlit night, as I walk out
Orion smiles over my left shoulder
And the gods all take pity
On this frozen, lost and lonely child

Was the long way around, the hard way to go
But when you don’t know, it’s the only one
If there was indeed a easier route
I don’t believe the memories would have been the same

Although I’m motionless under black night skies
Orion now watches from the right
No matter where you live on the ball
When you look up, you and I might see the same

In my perspective, and your point of view
Many ages have passed on evening’s light
If the truth’s to be told, and it’s all the same
I might just be like you

Star bound
Star bound
Star bound
Star bound

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.