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As I sit here listening to the final mix of the music for this song, I realize that I am approaching the most drudgerous part of the creation process (for me anyway).Singing has never been one of my strong suites and I hate doing it, even for my own recordings. But, some things have to be done regardless of how unappealing they may seem.

However, the theme for this song is particularly appealing to me. Christmas was always my favorite holiday and although I must admit, when I was a kid the major appeal was the presents, lights, food, etc. Although all of the traditional regalia that many associate with having a “good” Christmas are great, it has little to do with the real reason why the day is important. This aspect, I attribute to commercialism and the efforts of retailers.

This song hopefully will provoke some thought about the real reason for the celebration and bring a new meaning to this year’s festivities and also why it is important for not allow any entities to take Christ out of the equation.


Noah Ohne


I’ve never been accused of being correct
So I will say to you this time of year
Merry Christmas to everyone
And to each and all good Christmas cheer

So hoist your glass in celebration
Keeping mindful of the reasons
As you bend your arm, cupful in hand
Toast the son of God and man

They’re trying to take Christ from the day
With season greetings and happy holidays
The purpose, not well served by that
And we won’t have the yuletide taken

A baby born, lived to die for us
In his conception was great victory
We’re in the light of grace, the reason
His birth we celebrate this Christmas Day

This isn’t just Another Christmas Song
With magic reindeer, elves and flying sleigh
It’s about my favorite holiday
Without Macy’s parade and royal pageantry

In this miracle land of reason
May brotherhood rule, let there be compassion
For all non-believers not the same as us
With unposed unanswered question

There’s no need to fix what wasn’t broken
When you came you knew the customs
But your Grinch and all the network masses
Would have you take away our Holy Christmas

Not today, not tomorrow or ever
You must unhand what you were not given
This birthday card was meant for Jesus
Delivery will be with a Merry Christmas

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.