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Let’s go on a little musical excursion.

I am a pirate. And have survived for many ages. Although I died many years ago, I still haunt and pillage the seas with my crew. I am recruiting, and all that join me will share the bounty. However, they will also unknowingly and unwillingly, share in my fate. But maybe, it’s better than the tortured lives they’ve had. None the less, even the undead have a fate, and with my crew, we will haunt the sea’s endlessly through the end of eternity.

I hope this provides picturesque visions for this tale.

Noah Ohne


Pirate curse on the ocean water
Southeastern coast of America
Bounty buried deep it’s covered twice
Under white capped ocean swells

Legends, tales of phantom ships
Sails filled with wailing spirit winds
Under ghostly moon, we’ll hoist the sails
A night filled with siren songs

Come Ye All and listen well
Share the prize, and plundered bounty
Aboard blackened ship, adventure waits
Where the skull and crossbones hail

We’ll storm by stealth then take by storm
Leave no jewel, no gold, no silver
We'll take it only after it's refined,
Whether polished, carved or cast

Will you join me? Yes
Can you forgive me? No
Are you with me? Yes
Will you forgive me? No

We’ll take her down before the dawn
The pathway’s laid full of markers
Just beware, for David’s locker waits
In the depths no gods reclaimed

We’ll hunt seas with impunity
Torn and tattered through the sieges
Set sail with me, success awaits
While your tortured silence fails

Tales were told of a spirit world
The mysteries of triangles
Of haunting lights and flying wheels
How in the dark no savior came

Under ocean swells, the pirate ships
Harbored treasures thru the ages
Their fate is found under moving waves
And the locker never tells

Will you join me? Yes
Can you forgive me? No
Are you with me? Yes
Will you forgive me? No

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.