1. Roswell
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This song is about exactly what it says. One of the greatest cover-up's in the history of America. And the conspiracy continues.

Noah Ohne


Excuse me colonel, you need to see this
We have several uncorrelated targets approaching from the Northeast Sir
Activate Tracking
Tracking is active Sir and targets have been acquired
Reduce pad lighting by 80%.
OK, this is it people, contact is eminent

They were feeling so out of touch with time and with their lives
And now I stand here all alone thinking of that place from a non-fiction book
That I read in a week, about three month’s back and though it seems so long ago
I remember clearly information crimes that place in time, as the story goes

It was a small town barely on the map then something happened it landed there
With deep impression on solid ground so there was no doubt that they had come
Without sound, unstoppable, although it seemed incredible it was really there
There was no mass hallucination, no trick of light, no one was stoned

The unsettling presence of the unknown one’s, they have come from where we cannot go
And if truth’s to be told, when shit hits the fan they will not be a part in any cover up
Don’t believe what the general told you there were no secret spy balloons
They are alive some did survive they live today and maybe they have known you

We’re not alone although they won’t admit the proof for years really did exits
Under the cover of the Majestic Twelve and hidden in the secret pages of Blue Book
Evidence tangible hidden away subterranean bunkers
Deep inside dark mountain lairs where black experiments are conducted

Secret base, never ceasing mission, forced underground by media coverage
Suppress the network news, old cover blown, two dozen casualties causes unknown
Unidentified and hovering low, sightings over Midwest Airport
No cause for concern, it’s the effect of gas cause by the swamp and grasslands

Full disclosure is a joke, they never will tell all they really know
Just point to the sky, with electronic eyes, and the truth will soon be told
We’re in a fog of disinformation, untruth reins through in every region
Kept in the dark, control the mass, loss of control is what they fear

So when you look up in the night sky and black triangles block the star lights
Just remember those are only us, no need for worry no need for stress
We’ve come along since Roswell and Aztec, and our tech just might be cosmic
But it never will be told to us, M-12 made sure it blacked us out

And even though we’re bled for it, black projects remain the deepest secrets
Unknown even (as it’s said) to the highest levels in government
But lies run deep and truth is shallow, on the subject of what was recovered
On that Roswell farm, New Mexico in 47 in that desert town

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.