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  1. Till The End
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A friend and I were recently involved in a discussion on music and the relevance of its popularity based on its complexity. I am at heart, a minimalist. I do not believe that music necessarily has to be complex to be good, entertaining or enjoyable. However I do strive for all parts combined creating something that is musically challenging, that I feel adequately represent me, and is hopefully palatable to the listener.

"Till The End" is an example of what I consider minimalist in nature, but hopefully entertaining. The story is one that many may relate to, however it holds particular significance to me. This one is presented with least amount of music possible (at least for me), so as not to distract the listener from story.

For those of you who expected more; Please excuse graciously, my simplicity and lack of instrumentation on this one.

I hope you enjoy.

Noah Ohne


When we said ‘I Love You’
I hoped it was for evermore
But time has changed your feelings
If you can’t stay, walk out, keep the key

I’ve done what I know how
To keep your heart close
But in each and every turn
I was brought defeat, not victory

One score, I hoped for more
This time was just too short
All seeds need time to grow
But this limb was cut off short

But as all things come to pass
For us, if it just too late
All luck in your freedom
Life; It’s just a turn of fate

I will love you till the end
I will love you till the end

Perfection falls short
In relationships today
Mistakes will be made
Understanding is the key

If I fall, help me up
Put me on the right way
But don’t turn your back on me
I’d never do the same

No pathways shining bright
None left without a stain
Take up our cause with me
There’s no future without pain

One more chance, only hope
Is for shelter from the rain
Pick up the broken pieces
For your sake, and mine

I will love you till the end
I will love you till the end

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.