1. One Love
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Christian music isn’t my standard thing as some of you have probably guessed by now; however this song was inspired by a man that I believe is a true man of God of the highest order. I could not ignore the inspiration to do this.

A couple of years after moving to the desert Southwest, and doing time in a church that I believed was of questionable repute, my wife encountered a man that said he was the pastor of a small local church and we were invited to attend.

Being extremely unhappy at the church of questionable intent, we decided to attend. The first sermon we attended was completely different than most of the churches that I had ever attended before and peeked my interest immediately. The following Sunday, we decided to go again.

One Love is the result of a sermon that was so inspirational that I left with an amazing feeling and this song in my head.

Thank you very much Bishop Day!

Noah Ohne


I've known religions'
Know the names and face
Of The Gods from legends past
And their tales of reign
We've heard the old truths
And ancient law
But our Lord paid the cost for us
With His only son

We're on a journey
The voyage home
Not the one where mom and dad
Said we were born
Our home abounds in
Peace and love
In the place God promised us
Beside heavens throne

There’s just one love
The one hope for us
Was a gift from God above
Through the Christ, the son
He paid for our sins
And our wicked way
Crucified for the grace that saved us all
From our iniquity

If not for Jesus
There would be no way
Without the Holy Lamb of God
There is no grace
We were broken
He came to save
The eternal light within us all
That heaven gave

Copyright © 2016 John Knight. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Noah Ohne Music.