Hello... I am John (aka Noah Ohne). To preface, I am a firm believer in technology and it's creative applications in music. The purpose of developing this site was to display what might be accomplished with the melding of human musical creativity and an adept/creative and experienced application of technology. 

Generally speaking, when some think of computers and music they instantly turn off. This is a popular view resulting from a misunderstanding/misconception of "computer music" and music developed using the assistance of computers employing M.I.D.I.; there is a considerable difference.

I utilize the assistance of computers as an aid to my composition and these efforts are never intended to replace the efforts of live musicians by any long shot... however the goal is transferring / translating musical ideas from my head to a format that everyone can hear without impeding the time of other musicians.

This also affords me a level of creativity (as some may call it) that is unimpeded and unfiltered by the influence of others. Therefore, all of the music presented here is totally me. Good bad of indifferent I am responsible. And use of computers is only as an extension of myself.

I am a real musician. I play guitars (electric and acoustic), bass, some keyboards, mandolins and a few sundry stringed thingy's that may avail themselves to me. All orchestral instruments (strings, woodwind, brass and percussion) are written  (by me) in standard notation and transfer'd via M.I.D.I.

I also strain out vocals (with rare assistance from my wife) and write all of the lyrical content. Due to the nature of the music (head to media), I am currently doing all engineering... so any critique in that area should also be directed towards me.

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